Monday, August 16, 2010

Lamb shanks tonight...

Last night’s meal was left over leek, brie and pumpkin tart. Still yummy. Followed by roast duck breast with a red wine and cranberry sauce (was supposed to be redcurrant but no could find), served with lots of greens. A recipe in this month’s Delicious.

The duck itself wasn’t fantastic, not sure if I just didn’t render off the fat long enough or if they were just particularly fatty but the fattiness it rather spoiled it... The sauce and greens were good, though. That was followed by the last of the poached pear. Also still nommy.

Meanwhile, I had tonight’s meal bubbling away – Nigel’s lamb shanks in red wine sauce. That’s reheating now and the sauce is beautifully reduced and really rich looking. Hopefully it will taste good! Just going to serve it with broccolini, carrot and potato.

Tomorrow night’s meal is now in the oven – oven roasted onion soup. Can. Not. Wait... Dessert for tonight and tomorrow is also done – lemon pots. Whipped cream, natural yoghurt, lemon curd and amaretti cookies. Sounds good.

ETA: Lamb shanks were delicious, lovely flavour with a to die for sauce. Very, very good.

Lemon pots, I served this (intended for six) in to four bowls which was a little too much for me... Next time a smaller serve and I’d be quite happy. Added mini Corinthians which was nice.

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