Saturday, August 21, 2010

Soup Days

It’s been a soupy couple of days...

On Weds I made a herb and barley broth from Nigel, which was tastier than expected. Perhaps because it’s SO healthy there was a psychological benefit. A little too leek-ish for my personal taste, so I’ll drop that down ever so slightly next time.

Thurs night was Nigel’s Chicken broth with noodles, lemon and mint which was absolutely delicious, very like a pho (with the odd slice of fresh chilli) if only the noodles had been rice rather than egg. Easy to fix next time. The best thing was that this took 10 mins to prepare, so a good one to keep in my back pocket on nights
I’m working late and need something light.

Tonight was Nigel’s “A velvety soup for a cold day”, which basically was a potato and leek soup. Totally yum, and very very easy to make... Definitely going on the make again list for next Winter.

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